Fast Track Management Program

In Europe, Middle East and Africa

Fast Track is a 30 month accelerated Leadership Program where you will experience cross-country and cross- functional rotations within different locations in our region.

According your background and future career aspirations, you will be assigned to one of the following streams:

  • Operations (Manufacturing, R&D, Product Design, SC, Procurement)
  • Corporate Functions (HR, Finance, Legal, IT)
  • Commercial Functions (Marketing, Product & Brands, Sales, CS, Strategy)

At the beginning of the program, you will have a 6 month-long orientation assignment in a different stream. You will then experience two 12 month-long job rotations in your specific functional stream. One of the positions will be in a central EMEA role, and the other will be in a local market or factory role.

Throughout the program, you will get a 360° understanding of the overall business and will live the full Whirlpool experience. You will focus on building strong and relevant competencies that will prepare you for your graduation to future role!

Fast Track Management Program Benefits

Professional Growth

  • Accelerated growth and development opportunities with a clear career path
  • Invaluable international experience gained in different Whirlpool EMEA Locations
  • Participation in key Cross-Functional initiatives, contributing to the overall achievement of business objectives
  • Opportunity to develop and execute strategic plans as part of our multicultural teams

Temporary Accommodation

Physical Health

Time Off

Smart Working

Financial Health

Discount and Other Perks