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Young Leaders Program

The Young Leaders Program is our flagship campus program running successfully since 2002. This is a critical source of hiring young, high potential talent into the organization and grooming them for the future. Hence, ensuring that they get a robust onboarding experience is of critical importance to the organization. When fresh graduates join the organization, the inquisitiveness and uncertainties in their minds is perhaps the highest. For many, it is their first job, and Whirlpool takes pride in giving a unique campus to corporate experience which they can cherish for their entire life. The whole philosophy around this is to provide a career and not just jobs to these young & bright talent.

All young leaders receive a unique opportunity of working directly with the senior leadership team. The program is designed to build general management competencies in the young leaders. One of the unique features of our Young Leaders Program is the extensive sponsorship and involvement from the leadership team of the organization, which translates into providing them a meaningful career experience. The program is not limited to one year. An extended career path framework has been charted out for all young leaders and high performers receive accelerated roles ahead of time.

Summer Internships

Summer Internship is our principle medium of hiring talent for the future. We hire from top B-schools across the country and get Young Leaders on-board who go through an induction and align themselves with the company’s culture and expectations.

Summer interns receive an opportunity to work on a live business project in domains such as Sales & Marketing, Procurement, Manufacturing & Supply Chain and Human Resources. Deserving performers get Pre-placement Offer/ Pre-Placement Interview opportunities and get absorbed in the upcoming Young Leader Batch.