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In Europe, Middle East and Africa

At Whirlpool, we manufacture and sell appliances all over the world – we’ve done so for over 100 years – thanks to each and every person who stands behind our appliances. We’re dedicated to helping them develop and succeed at the various levels of their professional journey through the flexible careers, international opportunities and cross-functional roles and experiences. Come and see the different ways to work with us!

Whirlpool Corporation’s Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Our Culture

Window to Whirlpool!

At Whirlpool, we open the doors to our company, and share our employees’ perspectives on who we are, what we do, what we care about, and how it is to be a part of an organization that is driven by energizing and aligning everyone to delight our consumers.

Our diversity makes a difference!

At Whirlpool, we believe that differences are essential for the growth of our businesses. We value all people, regardless of their visible or invisible diversity. In fact, it is these differences, as well as our unique trajectory and experiences, that provide the diversity of ideas and innovation. That is why we strive to create an inclusive culture that celebrates and values ​​our diversity, and the difference it can make for our employees, our consumers and our communities.

It’s our People that make us a Top Employer

Our people at all levels drive the success of our organization. We are committed to creating a positive work environment, implementing innovative people practices, designing high-standard development programs and creating an engaging workplace that allows our people to bring out their best and thrive together every day.