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No matter how far down the professional path you may be, Whirlpool Corporation offers multiple opportunities for development and growth. From customer service to engineering , manufacturing locations to global opportunities, we have the support and future you’re looking for. Explore our jobs to learn more about what Whirlpool can offer you.

Insurance Benefits

We value the sense of security that employees wish to provide to their families. Keeping this in mind, we have drafted our policies (group term life insurance, group medical insurance and group accident insurance policy) to provide support to employees and their families. Whirlpool as an organization has gone an extra step to recognize the importance of the responsibility that employee has towards his in-laws. With this in mind, we have broadened the scope of coverage in our Group Mediclaim Insurance Policy to additionally include in-laws of employees as dependents. Our Group Mediclaim policy also allows employees to avail top up coverage to cover additional liabilities.

Financial Health

Providing financial assistance to employees during their hour of need is another form of support provided to employees at Whirlpool. We understand that an urgent need can arise at any point of time and Whirlpool supports its employees in multiple ways during such critical times. This leads to the employee feeling cared for and valued which in turn enhances the sense of belongingness of an individual with the organization. There are various policies to support it:

  • Salary Advance
  • Relocation Benefits
  • Company Leased Accommodation
  • Company Leased Car
  • Educational Assistance

Time Off

Life events can alter the preferences & priorities of a person, and we as an organization are cognizant of this fact. Realizing the importance of these events in an employee’s life, Whirlpool extends its support to employees during these critical life stages. Over & above the employee centric leave policy which is amongst the best in the industry, we have specific leaves based on various life events. The details are provided below:

  • Maternity Leave
  • Paternity Leave
  • Adoption Leave
  • Commissioning Mother Leave
  • Relocation Leave
  • Work from Home

Discounts and Other Perks

There’s more to benefits at Whirlpool than insurance, retirement, and time off. Here are some of the other programs we offer to make life healthier, happier, and more affordable—at work and at home.

  • Educational assistance and leave
  • Full-service cafeteria
  • Employee discounts
  • Whirlpool Product Discounts for Employees