Work With Us – Students

In the United States & Canada

Real Projects, Real Impact

When you start at Whirlpool Corporation as an intern or as a full-time employee post graduation, you will find a role that is immediately impactful. Each role is designed to make a difference.

U.S. Internship Benefits

Professional Growth

Our programs are designed to provide a foundation to your successful career. That starts with an outstanding Internship, focused on adding business value within a 12 week period. Managers and Projects for internships are selected in a highly competitive environment, so students can expect a great experience learning and interacting with top leaders.

Holiday Pay

Interns on Whirlpool Corporation payroll will be given the same Holiday Pay as all other employees within their work site (varies by location). Typically in the summer, interns will be paid for Memorial Day (start date dependent), Independence Day holiday and possibly one floating holiday.

Product Discounts

During your Internship with Whirlpool Corporation, you will receive and will be able to give to your Friends & Family the Whirlpool Corporation Inside Pass Discount. This discount is on all products Whirlpool Corporation manufactures including small appliances.

Community Service

Community Service is one of the key activities Whirlpool Corporation wants our employees to invest in. We provide opportunities for Interns to experience volunteerism first hand. You may get to go on a Habitat for Humanity build or you may get to work in a local Art Fair or something just as interesting. We know you will benefit from giving back.


During your 12 week internship, you will be provided housing. If your undergraduate internship is at Global Headquarters in Southwest Michigan, you will be provided housing at our local Community College in their contemporary housing. For your graduate internship, you will have the choice of housing at the community college or provided a housing stipend. For interns that are at our manufacturing locations, you will be provided a housing stipend for local accommodations. Please note; lodging is a taxable income item.

Bachelors Level Programs

Masters Level Programs

Our Student Hiring Process

Early College Opportunities


The BUILD (Bridging Unity, Inclusion, Leadership & Diversity) Externship is an informational, developmental and highly interactive 4-day conference held at our Global and North American Headquarter Buildings in Benton Harbor, Michigan. Participants experience the culture and rhythms of business, and learn how Whirlpool Corporation creates moments that matter for its employees and customers.